How to optimise your images

Here we go! Watch the video and see how much space you can save!


  • Google the dimensions that your specific theme requires for different section images. SAVE IT!
  • Choose an image and crop / resize to suit where you want to place it. Screen resolution only needs to be 72ppi (pixels per inch).
  • When you export/save your image you can lower the “quality” without actually losing anything but size. You can do this easily in photoshop and canva pro👇
  • Save your image in a separate “for website” folder, don’t override your lovely high res images in case you need them for anything else.
  • Then open this page in a new tab (I recommend saving this to your top level browser bookmarks).
  • Run your images through this FREE site – you can do 20 images at a time then just refresh the page to do the next lot!
  • Download these EVEN SMALLER files and then use these for your website images and upload to Shopify!

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