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Do you have a Shopify site already? Did you buy an online store 2.0 theme and just think it would automatically elevate your business without putting any effort in? Well, I am your gal! I LOVE taking a site that needs moulding into the perfect face for your store with a Shopify refresh. What’s included in your site makeover is listed below and if you like what you see then scroll on down and book a call!  

The Shopify Refresh Package:

✔️ Theme selection advice based on your stores needs.
✔️ Theme customised to your branding.
✔️ Any known customised code reinstated.
✔️ Advice on Shopify features that will enhance your store.
✔️ Optimised navigation advice (new collections to be created by you).
✔️ Home page optimisation.

✔️ Product page template update and optimisation.
Collection page template update.
✔️ Product Filter Function using metafields set up on 20 products, with video on implementing across rest of product catalogue.

✔️ Updates across up to 4 content pages (including about & contact pages).
✔️ Privacy, return, refund policies & terms of service standard text page set up.

✔️ Newsletter landing page set up.

✔️ Shopify automated emails redesigned (Includes abandoned cart, checkout & product & 1 x welcome email – or 4 emails in total).
✔️ Notifications email update.

✔️ Judge Me app install (if not installed) / transfer.
✔️ Judge me Email automation & settings set up.
✔️ Instagram Feed app install (if not installed).
✔️ Live Chat app install.

✔️ Check on sales channels activated – Facebook, instagram, google.
✔️ Branded checkout.

✔️ Fully responsive design. 

from £2500

Including free theme, premium theme to be purchased separately. 
Payment plans available. Please enquire for details.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
+ £70 per extra app set up, including subscriptions, if not listed above.
+ £50 for a Shopify mail campaign template.
+ Product upload not included – contact for a quote.

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Ad Hoc Updates

Have smaller updates or just want to plan ahead? Pay as you go or buy hours in advance to take advantage of the discount – must be used within 6 weeks of purchase.

+ Shopify updates
£75 per hour OR £450 per 7 hour day.

+ Think what you need doing is a quick fix (less than 20 minutes)? Send me details here.
£35 per task.

Get in touch

Do you have any questions about a Shopify Refresh? Contact me using the form below or use the calendar to book your FREE discovery call.

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